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Artist Statement

ashley's pic.jpg 2015-4-9-1:5:33

I am an artist whose instrument is light. Light is embroidery; it enhances the playwright’s language to help tell the story. I create worlds, emotional environments, and aim to enrich the audience’s experience as a whole. In my practice, I believe that conscientious criticism creates a space to further the elements of collaboration, communication, and kindness. I identify as both an educator and an eternal student. I strive to learn from and give back to my communities. My eyes are trained to seek and form aesthetic beauty in all creative structures. Color, shape, angle, form, texture, and time are tools I use to sculpt performers. As an organized, efficient, and focused individual, I find that a sense of humor and a discovery of joy in the creation of new stories are essential to my practice. I am a storyteller and a lover of language. I am an artist whose instrument is light.

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